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For Tile Manufacturers

With DreamTech, reimagine your store and the way you do business. Customers no longer pull you in seeking opinions on their subjective selection. No more changing their minds over and over again, no delays in purchase decisions. Be it floor tiles, wall tiles, ceramic or vitrified - with our technology, we have you covered. Make your store go Digital, increase your sales like never before.

DreamTech For Tile Manufacturers

For Paint Manufacturers

Confused customers among thousands of color shades is so common - your customer care and Inbox of support email knows the pain better. Empower and engage your customers in a whole new way with DreamTech. Whether it's a renovation of a vintage house or a new apartment setup for a new couple, use the power of technology to imagine colors even before an Interior decorator is engaged.

DreamTech For Paint Manufacturers

For Interior Decorators

With power of visualising floors materials, wall colors and patterns up your sleeve, you need to spend lesser time with each of your clients. Put your creative imagination into new styles even on-the-go - bus, train or even during your evening stroll in the park. With the immense power to visualise interiors, effectively use the time in-between appointments with your prospects.

DreamTech For Paint Manufacturers
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